Medicated Baths

All Bundled up after a Medicated Bath with the veterinary team at Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital - Seattle, WA

Many pets have skin problems and our Seattle veterinarians have the answers!

Medicated baths can help ease several types of skin conditions. If your pet suffers from seborrhea (a noncontagious condition that can cause skin to become dry and flaky or oily and scaly), a medicated bath can help alleviate the itching. Pets with allergies, flea infestations, and other skin issues may also find relief with a medicated bath.

Spa dayShampoo therapy can offer many benefits:

  • The time needed for antibiotic therapy can be decreased.
  • Numbers of yeast and bacteria on the skin can be significantly reduced.
  • Allergens can be minimized so less are absorbed from the skin surface.
  • And a soothing bath can ease itching, odor, dandruff and discharge from the skin.


At Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital in Seattle, our veterinarians can recommend a medicated bath after we’ve examined your pet and diagnosed the problem. Illnesses unrelated to the skin, such as thyroid disease, can also cause skin problems in pets, so we want to be sure we’re treating the root of the problem, not just a symptom.

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Adam with Stuffed animalsAdam was diagnosed with a particular skin condition by our Seattle veterinarians and regular medicated baths help keep his symptoms under control. Not wanting to struggle every time Adam needed a bath, the owners decided to hand this duty over to the staff at Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital. Adam comes for his medicated shampoo every 2-4 weeks and now loves his baths.

He enjoys all the attention he gets and even brings a stuffed animal friend along to share in the fun!





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