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Veterinary Excellence Award Nomination

By November 3, 2022 December 23rd, 2022 No Comments

Congratulations to our very own Seattle veterinarian Dr. Riedinger – Nominated for the 2013 Veterinary Excellence Award.


Dear Robin Riedinger,

Once again, congratulations on being nominated in the 2013 Petplan Veterinary Excellence Awards!

Being named a Seattle candidate for Veterinarian of the Year shows your passion and dedication to veterinary medicine, and we hope the honor has made some tails wag at HAWTHORNE HILLS VETERINARY HOSPITAL!

Nomination from Sara:

Dr. Riedinger goes above & beyond to help her patients, clients & staff. Our mission is “partnership for a lifetime” & she strives for this everyday. She always offers the best medical care for her patients & works with every client to create a medical plan based on their specific needs. She spends countless hours on the phone talking to clients about her patients medical issues so that they can make the best decisions for their pets & themselves. She wants to educate every client to understand how to best take care of their pets in all facets of care, especially preventive care. Our clients are so appreciative for her follow up phone calls that they send wonderful thank you cards for her care & concern. She works almost everyday of the week, even at home to ensure that her practice is run with integrity & thoughtfulness. She always thinks about how to help her staff grow with education. She is an inspiration & we appreciate the lengths she goes to for all of us.

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