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Our family cannot thank you enough for the lifetime of care…

By November 3, 2022 December 16th, 2022 No Comments
patient at Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital, Seattle, Washington

To the entire staff at Hawthorne Hills,

Our family cannot thank you enough for the lifetime of care you gave our beloved Amelia (and us)!

Dr. Riedinger, your smile, laugh, wisdom and kindness got our “Meelie” through all those nasty skin-lump messes, and The Famous Sewing Needle Incident, too. A million thanks to you.

Heather, you are the first person who cares for us with each encounter, and your professionalism, kindness and good spirits always set the tone for a great visit, every time.

Last but not least, Dr. Davidson, your care for Meelie during these last few months has truly been extraordinary. You only knew Meelie as a scruffy and increasingly frail old girl – not the joyful, exuberant, smiley pup she was for her first 11 ½ years, but you cared for her and me with the same empathy, energy, and good sense that everyone at Hawthorne Hills had for her. I am forever grateful for your “end-of-life” care and kindness, right through her last moments with us.

You all are the best.

XXX Donna Robbins


See you soon with Bobo….

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