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In Memory


By November 3, 2022 December 18th, 2022 No Comments

January 2003 ~ December 2014

Chester, you were my best feline friend.

Such a handful! From the 5am wake-ups with you tenderly pawing my face until I’d open an eye and you’d mew with excitement for breakfast. To you being a destructive Buddy who would open cabinets just to see what was inside; if it was a bag of cat food then you’d break in and feast, if it were a roll of toilet paper then you’d have a shredding party. Even with child locks on those cabinets you would manage to break in like a furry Houdini. You hated closed doors! You’d barge into the bathroom, uninvited but willful, and stubbornly talk back whenever you were scolded.

You were also perfectly wonderful. You would lovingly head-butt my legs, face, chairs, tables, other people or cats. You’d sometimes move furniture with your head-butts! A big, strong Buddy who would let his scaredy cat tendencies show by cowering down to hide during a wind or rain storm. You were incredibly loving and would biscuit my belly until you’d melt into a chubby pile on my lap. You were a loud purring snuggler and sometimes you’d have bad dreams complete with growls and twitches; were you dreaming about someone stealing your food?

I’m going to miss you forever. You were my best feline friend; my Buddy, my Boo, my Tubs of Love…my Chester.

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