Mar 01 2013

The Secrets to a Behavioral Success Story

Successful Canine Behavior – Seattle veterinarians share the story of Achilles

Achilles came to see our Seattle veterinarians in the fall of 2007. He had a history of severe anxiety and even aggression. The previous owner relinquished him because another dog in the house was attacking Achilles.

Achilles’ wonderful adoptive owners have worked tirelessly to make him the man he is today. After seeing multiple Veterinary Behavioral Specialists and trying different anti-anxiety medications, he has turned into a big ball of love. We can’t wait to see his sweet fluffy face walk through our door. Achilles still has occasional episodes of anxiety, including not wanting to leave the house to go for walks for a few months, but with persistence in training, guiding, and some alterations in his medications he pulls through. Also, on a very consistent diet, his itchy skin and upset stomach are well controlled.

Behavioral issues are a huge part of veterinary medicine and are the biggest reason that animals are relinquished to shelters and/or euthanized. The veterinarians and staff at Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital in Seattle want to work with our clients and patients to find and treat behavioral issues before they become serious problems. Please bring your concerns to us as soon as you notice them. Some problems have quick and easy answers while others can require a fairly large time commitment and possibly a referral to a specialist. Our veterinarians are devoted to helping pets be a happy and healthy part of our lives.


Brandi Eskesen, DVM Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital, Seattle WA | Behavior, Diagnosis, Nutrition, Treatment

4 thoughts on “The Secrets to a Behavioral Success Story”

  1. Bonnie Forney says:

    It has been amazing watching Achilles blossom into the loving ‘grandson’ he is today. The journey that he travels is successful because of the guidance and love of the dedicated people in his life who deeply care about all animals and fellow human beings as well. Thank you all!

    1. siteadmin says:

      Hello Bonnie,

      Thank you for writing such a beautiful comment to Achilles’ post. He sure is handsome inside as well as out and he is lucky to be loved so much by his family.

      Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital
      (206) 528-1980

  2. Lynn says:

    Thanks to the veterinarians and staff at HHVH for your gentle and patient care for Achilles over the years. You have made him feel so safe that he bounds with joy when I tell him we will be visiting his friends at HHVH. We adore him, and are forever thankful for your guidance in promoting his physical, behavioral, and emotional health.
    Warmest Thanks,
    Achilles’ Mom & Dad

    1. siteadmin says:

      We adore your family and will look forward to the next time we see you. Thank you for writing such a sweet note.

      Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital
      (206) 528-1980

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