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Diabetes Definitely Does NOT Slow Him Down!

By September 1, 2012 No Comments

Feline diabetes – Our Seattle veterinarians discuss the importance of proper nutrition and treatment

Murphy was diagnosed with diabetes in April of 2009 after his owners noticed he was losing weight. Our Seattle veterinarians quickly switched his diet to one formulated specifically for diabetic cats. While sometimes the diet alone puts these cats into remission; that was not enough for Murphy. He required insulin injections twice a day to control his diabetes. Murphy’s diligent owners have been through so much to make sure that he is controlled and happy.

They learned how to measure his blood sugar levels at home by pricking a vein in Murphy’s ear and using a glucose monitor. We have struggled through insulin resistance and a several changes in his insulin medications to get him where he is today. Because he was initially so difficult to regulate, Murphy would probably not be alive if it were not for his loving family willing to give him injections and measure his blood sugar at home.

While he needed up to 7 units of insulin twice a day at one point, Murphy is now a happy camper at only ½ unit twice a day. He is a great case that shows that sometimes veterinary medicine requires patience, diligence, and flexibility!

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