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You Gotta Love Bath Time

By August 1, 2012 No Comments

Bath Time – Our Seattle veterinarians explore the wonderful world of bath time with Adam

Adam loves the water here in Seattle. He will swim for hours if allowed and he gladly fetches anything his owners throw out there and will swim a long distance if they throw a ball far enough. Once he gets any where near the water (he can smell it from a long distance) he will break away from his owners if not leashed and run madly, jump into the water and then look back longingly, begging them to throw the ball in the water so he can fetch it. When he was a puppy, they got him a baby pool, filled it up with water in the backyard, and he jumped around and played it in for hours!

Although you would think being a Labrador Retriever would make Adam enthusiastic about getting wet even in the bathtub. Unfortunately, Adam hates getting a bath. According to his owner, he fights all the way and when they get him in the tub, he will calm down a bit, but as soon as he has a chance to jump up and flee, he will.

Adam was diagnosed with a particular skin condition by our Seattle veterinarians and regular medicated baths help keep his symptoms under control. Not wanting to struggle every time Adam needed a bath, the owners decided to hand this duty over to the staff at Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital. Adam comes for his medicated shampoo every 2-4 weeks and now loves his baths. He enjoys all the attention he gets and even brings a stuffed animal friend along to share in the fun!

If you need assistance to keep your dog (or cat) smelling fresh and sparkling clean please call our Seattle veterinary hospital, today 206-528-1980

Adam in his shower cap getting ready for his bath at Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital in Seattle Washington

Adam in his shower cap getting ready for his bath

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