We Love Cats and We Are Cat Friendly

Our Seattle veterinary hospital has made it a priority to improve the medical care and experience provided to our feline friends.


We understand how you feel if your loved one shows anxiety when visiting their doctor and we will lead the way to your cat’s wellness with gentle care.

We recognize that visiting the veterinarian is not the first thing on your kitty’s social calendar; however, regular preventive care visits are important.Nose to nose

  • Cats are masters of disguise. They don’t always tell you when they are sick. Many cats suffer from treatable health problems because their families didn’t know to bring them to the doctor. As such, we believe in yearly preventive care examinations, and more frequent exams when their health requires.


  • Our veterinarians have dedicated themselves to understanding the needs of your cat, and will guide you in making health care decisions.


  • Our veterinary team is skilled with feline friendly handling techniques. We handle cats quietly and gently because of the calming effect.

Doctor visit for Allie


  • We have created a cat friendly environment in our Seattle veterinary practice, by welcoming our patients into their exam room right away to prevent encounters with dogs and unfamiliar smells.


  • Our quiet cat-only exam room has special kitty treats and a soothing pheromone that helps your cat to feel more relaxed during their veterinary hospital visit.


  • By learning your pet’s distinct needs and behaviors, we plan each visit to accommodate their unique personality. We are happy to tailor our services to enhance your cat’s veterinary hospital experience.Two kitty pals


  • We offer flexibility with appointments to make it easy for you to bring your cat in if they are hard to pre-plan a visit for.


  • If you have a hard to catch feline, we will educate you about the best options for helping you get your loved ones in a cat carrier for the visit.


  • For overnight guests our Seattle veterinary hospital has spacious kitty condos in their own private cat-only room. Your cats will relax and enjoy our hospitality while you are away.


Call Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital today to learn more about our special feline friendly services and techniques.


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