In Memory

Pets come in all sizes, shapes, colors and personalities. When we set about choosing a companion to join our life, we often base our decisions on superficial characteristics and in some cases, pick them for all the “wrong” reasons.

Yet somehow, by inviting them into our homes, caring for them, teaching them, laughing over their antics, telling them our private worries, secrets, fears and hopes, we become a different, and better, person.

We dedicate this site to Cricket, our beloved cat, who died suddenly from acute renal failure. While veterinary medicine has made tremendous strides, and our pets are living longer and healthier as a consequence, even the best in medicine cannot always save their lives.

This page is devoted to all those pets that have shared our lives, sometimes for only a short while, but in doing so, have left a lasting impact on our souls.

Please click here to learn more about these pets.

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