Take A Tour

Please ask for a tour of our Seattle veterinary hospital when you come in. We love to show off our veterinary practice whenever possible.


Client Care

As you enter, you’ll be greeted by one of our skilled Client Care Team members. They can schedule care visits with our doctors and answer many of your general questions. They are also available to assist you with selecting the best products for your pet’s skin and hair coat, ear care, joint health, dental and nutritional care. Feel free to ask a staff member for their guidance.




We have a variety of seating areas to make you and your pet comfortable. Some anxious pets do best by being escorted to an exam room right away; please don’t hesitate to ask our staff if your pet needs a quiet space. Our children’s nook will help keep kids entertained during your pet’s visit. Please walk around the lobby. You’ll find pictures of our patients, handouts and other helpful information. We also have a computer in our lobby with internet access for your convenience. You can get on facebook and let your friends know where you are.


Exam Rooms

We have three exam rooms located off the lobby. We utilize cozy towels for our smaller patients, and folding exam tables which allow us to examine your pet where it is most comfortable (on the table or on the floor). Each room is stocked with educational materials. The Dutch door opening into the Lab Pharmacy gives a more open feeling while still providing privacy when needed.



Cat-Only Exam Room

We have created a cat Cat Examfriendly environment in our practice. Our quiet cat-only exam room has special kitty treats and a soothing pheromone that helps your cat to feel more relaxed during their veterinary hospital visit.



Lab Pharmacy

We run a variety of laboratory tests in house and our local veterinary reference lab provides twice daily service for tests that are more complex. Results are usually back within a few days, sometimes in 24 hours. We have a fully stocked veterinary pharmacy to meet the needs of our patients. When needed, we can refer you to a compounding pharmacist who can specially formulate medications for your cat or dog.


Treatment Area

The treatment area is where most of our day procedures are performed (dental cleaning is shown). We have multiple treatment stations and cages to ensure clean and comfortable housing for your pet. Our Licensed Technicians and trained Veterinary Assistants provide close supervision for patients requiring nursing care and those recovering from anesthetic procedures. Our goal is to treat your pet as if it was our own.



Surgeries are performed with modern anesthetic gases and other agents, using sterile technique and a heated table for patient comfort. We follow the best in veterinary protocols and the highest industry standards established by the American Animal Hospital Association. All patients are monitored by a trained staff member and all anesthetic procedures including dentals are performed with electronic monitoring (e.g. ECG, SPO2, Blood Pressure) to ensure patient safety.



Our Radiology Room is modern with full digital capability to enable us to take onsite films when your pet’s health requires. We use radiographs to evaluate patients for routine screenings (PennHIP), and for heart disease, joint injuries, intestinal foreign bodies, arthritis as well as assessing sick patients with major organ changes. A board certified radiologist is readily available to review all films as necessary. We can arrange for onsite ultrasound, or referrals for CT and MRI, when needed.


Cats: Upscale Condos for Kitty Comfort

When your cat needs to be away from home, we provide safe and secure dog-free accommodations. Our cat condos are warm and quiet, with an individual litter pan and perch. When space allows, each condo can be opened into the unit below or next door for added room to stretch those kitty legs. Our feline friends are often found playing with their toys or curled up in a comfy towel when not getting pets and rubs from our friendly staff.


Dogs: Home Away from Home

While our runs are not quite the same as sleeping on the bed at home, they are designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. They have Dex-O-Tex non-slip flooring, run mats and bedding for patient warmth and quiet. Toys are allowed when the doctor permits. The stainless steel dividers make it easy for our staff to maintain a clean and odor free environment for your best friend. The room also has glass block windows to let in natural light. All mobile dogs get 2-3 walks outside each day.

Location Hours
Monday8:00am – 5:30pm
Tuesday8:00am – 5:30pm
Wednesday8:00am – 12:30pm
Thursday8:00am – 5:30pm
Friday8:00am – 5:30pm