• It’s Time to Celebrate Adopted Pets!

    Jun 04 2012

    Seattle veterinarians celebrate adopted pets This month we are celebrating some of our special pets that have recently been adopted this year! Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital in Seattle, WA is…

  • Shaggy playfully shows his tummy

    It’s Possible to be Allergic to Your Own Teeth

    May 01 2012

    When Shaggy was only 5 months old our Seattle veterinarians noticed that he was already developing inflammation of his gums, or gingivitis. Usually pets don’t develop this until 2 years old at…

  • When Lionel was a kitten, he started coming to Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital in Seattle Washington to be treated for seizures.

    A Whole Lot of Shakin’

    Apr 05 2012

    Most people bringing home a new kitten expect to have a healthy rambunctious companion. Lionel was adopted along with another young kitten in December 2011. At three months of age…

  • Finn the dog, had a bee stinger stuck in between his toes which caused swelling and limping. He came to Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital in Seattle Washington to have the bee stinger removed and he was treated with antibiotics.

    A Stinger can be a Zinger

    Mar 01 2012

    Bee stinger extracted by Seattle veterinarians – small item, big pain! Finn came to see our Seattle veterinarians because he was limping on his right rear leg. There was some swelling between…

  • Kaya the dog, went under anesthesia for a dental cleaning. Dental radiographs showed she had a cavity and damaged teeth requiring extractions. Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital treated her to combat dental disease; including red gums, bad breath and cavities.

    What’s Hiding Below Your Gums??

    Jan 04 2012

    Our Seattle veterinarians explain the importance of regular pet dental cleanings and evaluations Kaya came in for a Grade 2 dental cleaning and looking at her teeth on exam, no…

  • Pinky, a white Pitbull swallowed a mango pit and had been vomiting for several weeks before she came to Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hosptial in Seattle.

    Removing a Pit from a “Pit”

    Nov 01 2011

    Our veterinarians in Seattle discuss Pinky and the pit in her stomach Pinky, the sweetest little Pit Bull, was adopted in May of 2010. Pinky is always making her owner…

  • Sophie, a black cat was brought here to Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital in Seattle because she was coughing.

    When Worms Crawl Through the Lungs

    Oct 06 2011

    Your veterinarians in Seattle examine what happens when worms crawl through the lungs In July Sophie was taken to an emergency hospital with bleeding and swelling of the face. It…

  • Julius the cat had an AVID Microchip and was returned to his family after being gone for 4 months. Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital is so glad he is back.

    Does Your Pet Have a Chip to Get Home?

    Sep 08 2011

    Our Seattle veterinarians recommend Microchipping your pet Julius “Juju” snuck out of the house last winter and was gone for 4 months! Juju’s owner, friends and family spent tireless hours…