• Jun 01 2023

    Can Anal Glands Be More Than A Pain In The Butt?

    Wally is the sweetest 13 year old terrier mix breed dog.  The doctors at Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital have been lucky enough to have him as a patient since 2018. ...
  • Apr 30 2023


    Thank you for all the care you gave Orion over the years. He always enjoyed visiting you.
  • Apr 30 2023

    Being a Puppy Parent Can Bring Challenges

    Raising a puppy brings with it a whole spectrum of joy, fun, adventure, moments spent cuddling and some moments of frustration. Our Pet of the Month for April is Charley,...
  • Apr 23 2023


    Oh Torri.  Saying goodbye to you has left my heart in pieces. Voids are everywhere…. In my head, in my heart and in our home. One of the best decisions...
  • Apr 01 2023

    Oral Exams Are Important When Breathing Sounds Harsh

    Sandy is a 5 year old black lab and redbone hound mix. Her owners adopted Sandy when she was 18 months old  through a friend’s daughter. She was studying anthrozoology at Carroll…

  • Feb 28 2023

    What Happens During Your Dog’s Dental Procedure?

    Jinddu recently had her teeth cleaned and has volunteered to share her procedure with you. Dental care is an important part of keeping healthy and a professional cleaning under anesthesia…

  • Jan 30 2023

    Ear Hematomas Can Be A Challenge

    Buddy is our Pet of the Month for January. He is a 125# Rhodesian Ridgeback who has been dealing with an ear hematoma that has been challenging to get resolution....
  • Dec 28 2022

  • Dec 28 2022

  • Dec 28 2022