In Memory


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February 14, 2001 ~ March 11, 2013

Our big yellow handsome Lab marked with a smudge of black on your shoulder; aka the ‘muscle packet’.

Your zest for life and your quirky intelligence kept us on our toes and won our hearts. Whether getting the newspaper every morning, bringing slippers and matched shoes for whoever was needing them, plucking apples from the tree or stealing strawberries from the garden, jumping off the dock at Chelan like one of the kids, and co-opting a carefully placed beach towel or sleeping bag; you found enjoyment in everyday life. You loved your “jobs”, and you were happy to hang out but your greatest joy was to play fetch with the indestructible blue ball.

We thought you would live to a ripe old age, so your cancer caught us by surprise. Two and a half weeks was not enough time. However, a remarkable thing happened the day your diagnosis was confirmed. The cleaning lady reset the sand sculpture we’ve had in the window at home and the resulting picture was two hearts side by side. It seems more than just a coincidence that this day, this time. We saw it as a tangible reminder of the love you brought to our home and a sign that our hearts will be forever linked.

We’ll think of you strong and running free like the wind ‘til we see you again…

rer & pjr

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