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Does Your Pet Have a Chip to Get Home?

By September 8, 2011 No Comments
Julius the cat had an AVID Microchip and was returned to his family after being gone for 4 months. Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital is so glad he is back.

Our Seattle veterinarians recommend Microchipping your pet

Julius “Juju” snuck out of the house last winter and was gone for 4 months! Juju’s owner, friends and family spent tireless hours passing out fliers, checking the Seattle Humane Society’s hotline and hoping he would return. THANKFULLY Juju has a AVID microchip and this last July he was found, scanned for a microchip and returned home!

This is just another reminder to everybody it is extremely important to not only microchip your pet but also to register the chip with your name, address and contact information. Our Seattle veterinarians can help provide your pet with a microchip anytime, just give us a call.

Microchips are inserted under the skin at the nape of the neck (just in front of the shoulders) in dogs and cats. There are a number of companies that make the microchips; the most important thing for every pet owner to do is to ensure that your pet’s microchip is registered with the microchip company that produced the chip. Without this registration, it will be very difficult for someone else to find you if your pet is lost.

To see if your pet’s microchip is registered go to: Microchip Lookup

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