In Memory

  • Cricket


    September 19, 1997 ~ July 12, 2006 Rest well our dear friend. You brought so much joy and silliness to our lives; we are saddened that your life was so…

  • Scout with his favorite blue ball -web larger


    February 14, 2001 ~ March 11, 2013 Our big yellow handsome Lab marked with a smudge of black on your shoulder; aka the ‘muscle packet’. Your zest for life and…

  • Teva


    January 28, 1998 ~ December 28, 2011 You were our girlie dog. As a lab you could fetch, swim, hike and romp with the best, but your true pleasure was…

  • Ringo


    April 1, 2007 ~ July 20, 2017 Thank you to everyone for providing care for Ringo all these years. His brother, Beatle, is doing well. Not having Ringo in our lives…

  • Shadow's Memorial


    July 1, 2000 ~ March 6, 2017 Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our little girl, and sister, through the years.  [This] is a photo of the memorial…

  • Betty


    July 1997 ~ October 1, 2016 There are no words to describe the happiness you brought us during your 19 years, from your birthplace in Jordan to several other countries and…

  • Alley S


    October 01, 2005 ~ May 11, 2016 Thanks so much for all the care you gave Alley over the 5-1/2 years she spent with me.  And thank you for all…

  • Tucker


    September 14th, 2002 ~ June 30th, 2015 Tucker is chasing squirrels and planes in the fields of Heaven

  • Tai Tribute 2


    April 16th, 2000 ~ April 8th, 2015 Please click on the below link to see the beautiful memorial tribute video for Tai. A Tribute to Tai    

  • A remembrance of Teddy Roffman (550x413)


    December 4th, 2002 ~ April 1st, 2015 Together on that wooded path Grazing in the sun’s warmth Secluded from the din of venture and trade  The silence barely disturbed by our…