• Westley Sleeping

    Snoring Dogs Are Not Only Cute, They Have Trouble Breathing Too…

    May 01 2013

    Dog facts from your expert veterinarians in Seattle, WA.   Westley is a sweet and handsome young English Bulldog who has been coming to Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital in Seattle…

  • Cougar Evans 418 pxls

    Can Your Pet’s Food Make Them Sick?

    Apr 04 2013

    Our Seattle veterinarians explore the importance of proper feline nutrition We are celebrating Cougar’s almost 20 years of life and bringing attention to an intestinal ailment that is seen fairly…

  • Achilles sitting with the flowers

    The Secrets to a Behavioral Success Story

    Mar 01 2013

    Successful Canine Behavior – Seattle veterinarians share the story of Achilles Achilles came to see our Seattle veterinarians in the fall of 2007. He had a history of severe anxiety and…

  • Darby at the beach

    Just a simple case of red eye? This can be something more serious…

    Feb 06 2013

    Our veterinarians in Seattle, Washington explain eye disease in pets. Darby was diagnosed with an eye disease called Golden Retriever Uveitis in 2009 by our Seattle veterinarians. She was diagnosed very…

  • Spike playing chase

    Giardia Loves the Seattle Wet Weather

    Jan 11 2013

    Our Veterinarians in Seattle explain the importance of providing the recommended Giardia parasite treatment Spike’s story is not an uncommon one.  He has been a happy and healthy puppy growing up…

  • Betty Picture

    A “Slipped Disc” is no time for Reindeer Games….

    Dec 03 2012

    Our Seattle veterinarians explain back pain in French Bulldogs – something that unfortunately is all too common In May Betty came to our Seattle veterinary hospital because she had experienced…

  • Sozas belly ache

    When Vomiting Means More than Just a Stomach Ache

    Nov 06 2012

    Our Seattle veterinarians explain the importance of veterinary care and regular visits Soza is a typical young energetic Labrador with a penchant for chewing. Her owners have worked hard to…

  • Callie loves Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital in Seattle Washington

    Do You Ever Look Under Your Pet’s Tongue?

    Oct 04 2012

    Routine dental procedures with our Seattle veterinarians at Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital During a routine dental procedure under anesthesia with our Seattle veterinarians here at Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital it…

  • Murphy

    Diabetes Definitely Does NOT Slow Him Down!

    Sep 01 2012

    Feline diabetes – Our Seattle veterinarians discuss the importance of proper nutrition and treatment Murphy was diagnosed with diabetes in April of 2009 after his owners noticed he was losing…

  • Adam1

    You Gotta Love Bath Time

    Aug 01 2012

    Bath Time – Our Seattle veterinarians explore the wonderful world of bath time with Adam Adam loves the water here in Seattle. He will swim for hours if allowed and…